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Honolulu Car Accident Lawyer

Experienced Honolulu Attorneys Representing Victims of Auto Accidents

Our Respected Law Firm Is Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Service And Results

The Honolulu car accident attorneys at Shim & Chang, Attorneys at Law have represented hundreds of auto accident victims in Hawaii over decades of practice. We have the experience and resources to handle even the most serious and challenging auto accident cases, often taking on cases that demand extensive preparation, research, and creativity to achieve a fair recovery. We cut no corners when investigating and building a claim for compensation. We often consult experts to reconstruct the accident, biomechanics to tell us if there are any defects in the vehicle, and highway traffic engineers to search for hazardous conditions in the road or roadside. Our Honolulu car accident lawyer takes pride in thoroughness and results, we explore every avenue of recovery available to our clients.


In Hawaii, you have the legal right to sue a negligent driver if you have suffered a severe and permanent injury, someone lost their life, or the medical bills paid by the no-fault insurance carrier total $5,000 or more. Just suffering an injury does not entitle you to compensation. You need to prove that the other driver was negligent, careless, or acted irresponsibly and that you were not more at fault than the other driver. Proving your case requires a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney. We, at Shim & Chang, have been that attorney for hundreds of clients over the years.

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Unfortunately, some accidents involve irresponsible or intoxicated drivers who have either no insurance or not enough to fully compensate you for your injuries and losses. As a result, it takes an experienced attorney, one who is familiar with Hawaii’s auto insurance laws, to look for other sources of coverage such as uninsured motorist coverage (when injured by a driver with no insurance) or underinsurance motorist coverage (when injured by a driver with insufficient insurance coverage). We have taken cases all the way to the Hawaii Supreme Court to fight for more coverage for our clients, making new law in the process.

Seek determined legal representation from a skilled Honolulu car accident lawyer

If you are in need of a Honolulu car accident lawyer, call Shim & Chang, Attorneys at Law at (808) 524-5803 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. As our client, you pay no attorney’s fees until we recover compensation on your behalf. If your injury prevents you from coming to our offices, we can come to you.

“Shim & Chang were committed to helping my son no matter how long it took. They got the settlement we needed to take care of him for the rest of his life.”

–Charles Potter
Auto Accident Client

Verdicts & Results


Car Accident

A teenage client was pretty severely injured in a motor vehicle crash. The unfortunate outcome resulted in the teen suffering from a brain injury. Our firm settled on $6,000,000 in the personal injury claim for the client.


Hit By Car

A 60-year-old woman was walking her dog on a public sidewalk when a car exiting a driveway crashed into her, knocking her to the ground. Her left ankle was fractured, and needed surgery to repair. We were able to get their personal injury claim resolved for $250,000.


Car Accident

After being involved in an auto accident, our client ended up suffering from a resulting fractured wrist that required surgery. After the case was resolved, Shim and Chang Attorneys at Law settled for $150,000 for the client.


Car Accident

A hairstylist was driving along a neighborhood street when a car making a left turn T-boned her passenger side door. The force of the impact fractured several ribs and damaged her spleen. Upon settlement of the claim, our law firm was able to obtain $120,000 in much-needed compensation for the victim.

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“Very efficient and knowledgeable”

I had a great experience with Shim & Chang. I was injured in a moped accident and needed help with making sure all my medical bills were taken care of. Harvey was my lawyer, and he was excellent. He was very efficient and knowledgeable, and broke down every piece of what was happening in terms that I could easily understand so I knew what was going on...

Annie Keyes
“They conduct their business with integrity”

The attorneys of the law firm Shim and Chang are excellent, helpful, trustworthy, compassionate and conduct their business with integrity. Shim and Chang are not a law firm looking only to make money. Rather, Shim and Chang showed me they truly cared about me as a person and client, as they helped me receive a fair settlement for my personal injury claim....

Kimberly Kau
“Highly recommend Shim & Chang Law Firm”

When the condo owner living above us caused water damage to our condo, we were displaced for nearly two months. When his insurance carrier refused to compensate us for the inconvenience and the temporary housing cost, we hired the law firm of Shim and Chang to help us. They were easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and very professional....

Dean N
“Mr. Chang is someone you will immediately feel comfortable with”

I had never envisioned a need for an attorney until I was rear-ended... I had heard a lot about the law firm of Shim and Chang. Mr. Chang is someone you will immediately feel comfortable with. Due to his reputation and years of court experience, my case was resolved in a timely manner and I was extremely happy with my settlement.

Wanda Wong
“We were treated with courtesy and respect by both the attorneys and their staff.”

We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our case and have Shim & Chang to thank for it. They were professional, responsive, patient, thorough, and most importantly, realistic. We highly recommend the firm to anyone looking for exceptional representation on a personal injury case.

Beth Stefano
highly highly recommend them to my friends and family.”

I have worked with the Attorneys at Shim & Chang, and have seen the compassion, effectiveness, and pride they take with each and every case. [They] are committed to helping people who have suffered personal injuries. I highly highly recommend them to my friends and family.

Ikaika Nakoa
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Meet the Attorneys

"The lawyers recommended by other lawyers."

Established in 1966, Shim & Chang, Attorneys at Law is one of the leading personal injury law firms in Hawaii. The firm focuses in personal injury litigation, using knowledge and experience amassed over four decades to achieve excellent results for accident and injury victims in Honolulu and throughout the Islands.

Roy K. S. Chang
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Harvey M. Demetrakopoulos
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We Can Help

We are experienced Honolulu Car Accident Attorneys

There are many possible causes of auto accidents. In addition to negligent, distracted, or impaired drivers, they can include:

  • Defective autos, trucks, and buses
  • Faulty vehicle maintenance
  • Dangerous roads
  • Dangerous roadside hazards

Not only do State and local counties have a legal duty to provide drivers with a safe shoulder to drive onto, but they also have a duty to provide a safe road. Poorly designed roads, poorly marked curves, and poorly lit roads are magnets for accidents. The lack of suitable guardrails and other highway safety devices can also lead to catastrophic accidents and injuries. Choosing a Honolulu personal injury lawyer will be in your best interest after being involved in an accident.

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Drivers in Hawaii have gotten worse. Not only are they distracted by cellphones, but they also drive faster, run more red lights, and ignore the rights of bicyclists, moped riders, and pedestrians. As a result, traffic fatalities and other catastrophic injuries in Honolulu are on the rise every year. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a traffic accident, you should trust your case to the lawyers whom other lawyers trust with a track record of success in all types of injuries, including the most serious, paraplegia, quadriplegia, brain damage, and death.

During a free initial consultation at our office in Honolulu, we can discuss the strength of your case and the best course of action for obtaining the compensation you need and deserve to remedy your losses. Contact us today at (808) 524-5803.


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