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Hawaii leads the nation with the highest pedestrian death rates for seniors, according to a study completed by the National Complete Streets Coalition. Is it because Hawaii has more bad drivers?  More distracted drivers?  While that may be true in most cases, our handling of many pedestrian fatalities has also found fault with the crosswalks… Read More »


Injuries caused by slips and falls can be severe and serious, including knee and ankle injuries, broken hips, broken wrists and arms, back and spine injuries, head and brain injuries and even death.  A recent study over a 5-year period, from 2009 to 2013, found that FALLS were the No. 2 cause of fatal injuries… Read More »

Dog Bite Epidemic!

The number of dog bite cases has increased steadily in Hawaii to more than 1,000 reported annually. Dogs sometimes bite because they’re scared, they’re being protective, they’re nervous or they’ve been mistreated. If someone’s dog bites you, you need to do a number of things: Get the dog owner’s name and address right away. Then,… Read More »

Accidents in Paradise: Staying Safe

The Islands of Hawaii are widely considered “paradise” – the ideal spot for a relaxing vacation. While there certainly is much to love in Hawaii, there are also some dangers which visitors should be mindful of during their visit. First of all, with a latitude of 21°, Honolulu receives considerably more direct sun than many… Read More »

Car Accidents: The Most Common Cause of Personal Injury Lawsuits

As many as 43,000 people are killed in automobile accidents every year in the United States, with another three million suffering mild to serious injury. Those whose injuries  are more severe, may spend months or even years attempting to recover: while some never achieve full recovery and will spend their lives suffering the effects of… Read More »

The Reality of a Motorcycle-Automobile Crash

With more than seven million motorcyclists on America’s roadways, the number of accidents and fatalities will naturally increase. There were more than 5,000 motorcycle fatalities in 2007 — an all-time high, although the average is 4,000 per year. Motorcyclists who collide with a passenger vehicle or truck are approximately 40 times more likely to die… Read More »

Common Personal Injury Myths Dispelled

Although we’ve all heard of frivolous lawsuits, the fact is they are the exception rather than the rule. In truth, most personal injury claims are filed by those who have suffered legitimate injury due to the negligence of another person or entity. The frivolous cases simply get more media attention, such as the man who… Read More »

How an Attorney Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Many who have sustained injuries due to the negligence of another decide not to hire an attorney because they think the attorney will take most of the settlement. What they fail to consider is that research from the insurance industry states that injury victims receive  a better settlement when an experienced personal injury lawyer is… Read More »

Legal Remedies for Workers Injured at Sea – Maritime Injury Cases

Maritime workers are at a great risk for on-the-job injuries. Seamen who spend their lives out on the ocean could be days away from medical help should an injury occur. Because of this and the unique safety requirements for working at sea, there are certain legal remedies available to those injured at sea which allows… Read More »

How to Talk to Your Insurance Company After a Car Crash

The initial response for most people after a car accident is to enlist the help of their insurance company. After all, they’re on your side, right? While going through insurance may get the ball rolling on getting your life back to normal, keep in mind that insurance companies have only one goal — a healthy… Read More »

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