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Workplace Construction Accidents

Hawaii Legal Team Ready to Help You After a Workplace or Construction Accident

The Honolulu construction accident attorneys at Shim & Chang have handled hundreds of workplace and construction accident cases over the years, and understand how numerous factors often lead to an on-the-job injury.

Property owners, general contractors, and subcontractors are all required to provide a safe work environment for employees. In addition, all equipment rented or furnished for employee use must be in good working order and in a reasonably safe condition. Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case, and workers have been killed, electrocuted, and/or seriously injured as a result. In such cases, an injured worker or his or her family may be entitled to much more than workers’ compensation benefits.

Workplace & Construction Accident Cases Effectively Handled by Shim & Chang

You may have heard that receiving worker’s compensation benefits from your employer prevents you from bringing a lawsuit based on your injury or accident. However, you may still have claims against other companies that may have caused or contributed to your injury. The Honolulu personal injury attorneys at Shim & Chang have had great success bringing claims against third parties in workplace and construction accident cases, for example:

  • Our client’s son was working for a drywall company that was in turn working on a condominium project in Nuuanu. He was on the 23rd floor of the building sanding some of the walls when he took a step backward and fell to his death. The general contractor had removed the outside barricades prematurely, and our client’s son either did not know or had forgotten that the barricades were gone, being focused on his work at the time. In either case, in a wrongful death action on behalf of the family, the general contractor was found liable for failing to provide required safeguards.
  • Shim & Chang has represented many workers injured because their equipment was defective, such as a painting scaffold that malfunctioned, a backhoe with no seat belts or safety shield, and a conveyor belt that was unguarded.
  • We represented the family of a worker at a macadamia nut farm on the Big Island who was cleaning a conveyor belt when her hand and neck scarf got caught in the conveyor belt. The lack of a guard over the rollers that powered the conveyor belt caused her clothing and hand to become entrapped, ultimately resulting in her death.
  • Excavation sites are also very hazardous for workers. For example, a cave-in can occur if a general contractor does not properly shore up the walls of an excavation. Shim & Chang successfully represented a worker who was laying rebars at a jobsite in downtown Honolulu when the dirt walls of an excavation caved in, burying him alive. He suffered extensive brain injury as a result.
  • In another excavation site-related case, we helped a client on Maui receive a multi-million dollar settlement after he was severely electrocuted while operating a dump truck, which contacted a live electrical line stretched across an excavation site. He lost the use of one eye, one hand, and one foot in the accident.

Talk to an Experienced Honolulu Attorney if You’ve Been Hurt on the Job

If you are hurt on the job, you will likely be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits from your employer, but you may also be entitled to additional compensation if another party caused or contributed to your accident or injury. The experienced Honolulu attorneys at Shim & Chang have investigated many workplace and construction accidents, and can help you obtain a maximum recovery award in your case. Please contact our offices today for a free initial consultation.