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Category Archives: medical malpractice

Category Archives: medical malpractice

Retained Surgical Items and Medical Malpractice

Surgeons are supposed to know what they are doing. They are responsible for our lives when we are in our most vulnerable state – unconscious and unwell. Because of the serious effects their actions have on our lives, the law holds them to a high standard of performance. In reality, surgeons make mistakes like anyone […]

The Dangers of Medication Errors in Hawaii’s Hospitals and Pharmacies

Doctors, nurses and pharmacists are some of the most highly educated people in Hawaii. As medical professionals who’ve undergone significant training, they are expected to understand medications, including dosages and interactions. When it comes to real-life applications, however, medication errors are alarmingly common. It’s suspected that nationwide, medication errors occur more than 7 million times […]

Medical Malpractice is the Eighth Leading Cause of Death

Medical malpractice essentially means that a health care provider was responsible for an injury or death because he or she failed to deliver a reasonable standard of care. Medical malpractice may result from an act itself or from a failure to act. Over 100,000 wrongful deaths throughout the United States occur each year as a […]