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Common Personal Injury Myths Dispelled

Although we’ve all heard of frivolous lawsuits, the fact is they are the exception rather than the rule. In truth, most personal injury claims are filed by those who have suffered legitimate injury due to the negligence of another person or entity. The frivolous cases simply get more media attention, such as the man who […]

How an Attorney Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Many who have sustained injuries due to the negligence of another decide not to hire an attorney because they think the attorney will take most of the settlement. What they fail to consider is that research from the insurance industry states that injury victims receive  a better settlement when an experienced personal injury lawyer is […]

Legal Remedies for Workers Injured at Sea – Maritime Injury Cases

Maritime workers are at a great risk for on-the-job injuries. Seamen who spend their lives out on the ocean could be days away from medical help should an injury occur. Because of this and the unique safety requirements for working at sea, there are certain legal remedies available to those injured at sea which allows […]

How to Talk to Your Insurance Company After a Car Crash

The initial response for most people after a car accident is to enlist the help of their insurance company. After all, they’re on your side, right? While going through insurance may get the ball rolling on getting your life back to normal, keep in mind that insurance companies have only one goal — a healthy […]

How Much Car Insurance is Enough?

With more than 150 million drivers and 160 million registered vehicles on the road today, it is no surprise that car collisions occur every second. Most of us simply leave it up to our insurance company to tell us how much auto insurance our state requires. We  grumble  about the insurance premiums, but continue to […]

Aviation Accidents and the Law

This past April the pilot of a small plane crash-landed in O’okala as he attempted an emergency landing on a newly planted corn field.  In January of 2012, a small plane crashed at the Honolulu Airport, resulting in two runways being closed. While plane crashes are not especially commonplace, they do happen. Small and large […]

Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

Cancer kills more than 7.6 million people worldwide each year, and timely discovery is crucial in order for the patient to seek appropriate treatment. Should a physician or hospital fail to act in a reasonable manner in screening for cancer, patients can be put at significant risk. Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer actually occurs […]

Negligent Homicide Case Involving Watercraft Accidents in Hawaii

Just two months ago, a twenty-year-old Australian man who was vacationing in Hawaii and crashed his jet ski into a sixteen-year old girl was released from jail. He was sentenced to time served. The young man was also ordered to pay a restitution fee of $78,000; however, many were outraged over what they considered to […]

When Accidents Are are Not Really Accidents

Historically, negligence was a much broader term than it is today, referring to any type of breach of the peace. Today, however, the term negligence generally applies to those who have a specific duty to provide reasonable care — whether behind the wheel of a car or doctors who hold lives in their hands.  In […]

How to Deal With Injuries Sustained While on Vacation in Hawaii

As many as five million visitors come to the island of Oahu each year, staying an average of 9-10 days during their visit. Even though Hawaii certainly is a paradise, it only makes sense that vacation injuries will occur when tourists participate in biking, helicopter rides, airplane rides, sailing, scuba diving, hiking, horseback riding, jet […]