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Honolulu Law Office Representing People Hurt in Slip & Fall Accidents

Some injury lawyers in Honolulu do not handle slip and fall cases. Perhaps this is because many people, including attorneys, are apt to blame a fall on a person's own behavior, or "clumsiness," rather than looking for other causes of an accident. The attorneys at Shim & Chang, on the other hand, understand that in most cases, there is a reason people fall. We have successfully handled many slip, trip, and misstep accidents by showing that a person's footwear, walking surface, or both were not properly slip-resistant.

Successful Outcomes for Slip & Fall Accident Victims in Hawaii

The Honolulu lawyers at Shim & Chang has successfully handled slip and fall accident cases involving many different situations and circumstances, for example:

  • Our Honolulu slip & fall attorneys represented a woman who purchased a pair of shoes from a discounted shoe store not knowing that the heel and sole material of the shoes would be slippery if she walked on a smooth tiled surface. She fell as a result, and sustained life-long injuries. Our slip and fall expert took a portion of her shoe and tested it on the tile floor where she fell. Test results showed that the combination was as slippery as walking on smooth ice.
  • Linoleum or vinyl composition tile, like that found in supermarkets, large discount stores, and cafeterias, is hazardous when wet. We have successfully represented many shoppers who have fallen because of water or food being dropped on the floor, making it slippery.
  • National Safety Standards require all walking surfaces to be flush and planar. Defects of 1/2 inch or more have become trip hazards to many of our firm's clients. We have represented clients who have tripped over uneven sidewalks, walkways, and potholes in parking lots.
  • Stairs account for many slip and fall accidents, some resulting in serious injuries. Each flight of stairs, including handrails, must conform to national standards, but many in Hawaii do not. These standards also require steps to be slip-resistant at all times, but we have represented clients who have fallen due to rocks, sand, and water being on steps, making them slippery. Wooden stairs that have been painted are another slip hazard, as paint reduces the natural friction of wood.
  • One-step step-downs are extremely hazardous to people using a walkway or standing on a patio because they are unexpected and easy to miss. In fact, architects are instructed not to design one-step step-downs into walkways and buildings. Unfortunately, they do anyway. We represented a woman from Michigan who had traveled to Kauai to attend son's wedding at a major resort hotel. Stepping outside the hotel to take pictures, she was unaware of a one-step step-down just outside the lobby doors. She missed the step and fell, breaking her hip. Not only did her fall ruin her son's wedding and her vacation, it left her with a life-long personal injury and disability. Shim & Chang was able to recover from the hotel and the architect in this case.

Seek Advice & Representation from an Experienced, Supportive Attorney in Honolulu

Slip, trip, and fall accidents can result in very serious life-long injuries. The Honolulu attorneys at Shim & Chang possess the knowledge and resources to put together the strongest case for you, so that you have the best chance of receiving maximum compensation for your damages. Please contact us for a free initial consultation at our Honolulu office before you choose an attorney to represent you.

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