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Auto Accidents

Honolulu Attorneys Representing Hawaiians Hurt in Auto Accidents

The Honolulu car accident attorneys at Shim & Chang have represented hundreds of auto accident victims in Hawaii. We have the experience and resources to handle even the most serious and challenging auto accident cases, often taking on cases that demand extensive preparation, research, and creativity to achieve a fair recovery.

Our personal injury lawyers cut no corners when investigating and building a claim for compensation. For example, we may hire experts to reconstruct the accident, biomechanics to tell us if there are any defects in the vehicle, and/or highway traffic engineers to search for hazardous conditions in the road or roadside. As a law firm that prides itself in thoroughness and results, we explore every avenue of recovery available to our clients.

Expertise in Catastrophic Injury Cases

While many injury lawyers can handle most auto accident cases, it takes an experienced lawyer to navigate the complexities of claims involving catastrophic injuries, such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, brain damage, and death. In our 30 years of experience, Shim & Chang has discovered that many catastrophic accidents involve irresponsible or intoxicated drivers who either have no insurance or very little. As a result, we have learned to look elsewhere for other liable parties and sources of recovery, for example:

  • In past cases, we have sued and collected against major automobile manufacturers for defective steering columns that did not collapse during collision. We have also been successful against manufacturers of defective seat belts, doors that popped open during impact, and seats that failed and collapsed even during minor impact, resulting in serious injuries.
  • We have also recovered against companies for their failure to properly maintain and service large utility vehicles. In one case, our client’s son was killed when a large dump truck lost its brakes while traveling down the Pali Highway. In a wrongful death action, we were able to obtain compensation for his family because the truck company should have ensured its vehicle’s brakes were in safe condition.

Accidents Caused by Dangerous Roads & Roadside Hazards

Many other serious accidents and deaths have occurred because of road and roadside hazards. In these circumstances, you need a Honolulu legal team with experience handling cases against the state, counties, and public utilities. Shim & Chang has held government agencies responsible for creating or allowing unsafe roadways to exist.

We successfully represented a family who lost two children in an auto accident because the utility companies located a telephone pole too close to Kalanianaole Highway in Honolulu. In another case, we collected against the state for a paraplegic who lost control of his car, drove off the road, and collided with a telephone pole located on a sharp curve on the Big Island. Trees are also roadside hazards. We were able to settle a client’s case when he fell asleep and struck a tree planted in the middle of a median.

In these cases, the counties and state had a duty to protect drivers from further injury when they traveled off the road and struck a tree, utility pole, or ill-placed traffic device. In another case, our client’s son was a passenger in a car traveling down Pupukea that drove onto the shoulder of the road and struck a telephone pole. We were successful in recovering against the county for a poorly marked curve and roadway, and the utility company for locating its pole too close to the roadway. We have also recovered against a government agency for failing to install an appropriate guardrail, which may have prevented our client’s son’s death.

Seek Representation From a Skilled Honolulu Car Accident Attorney

If you are in need of an auto accident lawyer in Honolulu, please contact Shim & Chang to schedule a free initial consultation. As our client, you pay no attorney’s fees until we recover compensation on your behalf. If your injury prevents you from coming to our offices, we can come to you.