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Category Archives: Tourist Injuries

Medical Malpractice: When Childbirth Goes Wrong and Injuries Result

In the main, pregnancy, labor and the birth of a child are rewarding and fulfilling. Even under the best of circumstances, however, it can be frightening simply because of the potential for things to go wrong, and most all parents are anxious, especially first-time parents. These parents depend on medical professionals to guide them through… Read More »

The Truth about Waivers of Liability

Scores of people flock to the Hawaiian Islands each year to take advantage of the stunning scenery and plethora of activities to engage in. From scuba diving to parasailing, swimming with the dolphins to taking a helicopter tour of the volcanoes, most of these sports and recreational activities require a signed release or waiver of… Read More »

Recreational Injury Claims in Hawaii

Although Hawaii is famous for the stunning scenery and multitude of outdoor recreational activities — such as bicycling, boating, parasailing, surfing, riding jet skis, horseback riding, hiking, snorkeling and scuba diving — there is the risk of serious injury or death if basic safety precautions are not taken. In some cases, even when those precautions… Read More »

Injured Hikers in Hawaii May Have Legal Recourse

A hiker was severely injured this September when she fell more than 300 feet after the trail she was hiking on, Pali Notches, gave way. Agnes Bryant, the hiker, was with two other people at Nuuanu Pali Lookout when she tried to make her way around a large boulder when the trail collapsed and Bryant… Read More »

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